Chelsea Hoffman: Heartless Troll masquerading as journalist

I came across something on the internet recently that was enraging. 

Hold on to your underpants guys, this is going to be a long one, but it’s important. 


A woman went missing in Western Massachusetts last week, she was later found dead. The DA has released a statement that her death was determined “Not suspicious”.  No details have been released surrounding her death. And yet, a contributor for Allvoices, Chelsea Hoffman, felt the need to quickly slam up an article entitled – T. B. death: Suicide or drug overdose? ….I was floored.

Now, I am sure I don’t need to spell out what “Not suspicious” means, but I will anyway for the sake of argument- It means that whatever the circumstances, there was no foul play. Meaning – whatever happened to this woman is no one’s business, unless the family wishes to share. I couldn’t believe that this Chelsea person, who frequently writes for Allvoices, felt the need to make this speculation, publicly, where anyone who googles information about the funeral will find it.

Annnd then I read the comment section of the site. The title of the article alone is heartbreaking, and the contents of the post are hurtful and poorly written, but it’s the comments Chelsea writes in response to reader’s pleas to remove the post that really highlight this “journalist’s” agenda (among other things). Chelsea never once responded to her readers, either on allVoices or on her FB page, in any way which could indicate she actually IS in possession of a human heart. Her lack of compassion, let alone professionalism is deplorable. I had to reread Chelsea’s replies twice because I just couldn’t wrap my head around how awful this woman was. (After visiting the site again I can see that Chelsea has had at least 15 comments removed from the thread. I’ve seen most of these comments – a lot of them contained the Allvoices contact info (hmmmmm) and the others were just well-worded comments and pleas to remove the post.)

CH 1

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(Original article and replies she hasn’t had deleted yet can be found here: CLICK HERE. It will take you to the post on

Not only is the post still up – she’s posted two follow ups. One states she stands by her speculation and in the second Chelsea Hoffman states the following:

“She hadn’t been missing for long, but there are no published details about what led to discovering her body and there are no reports indicating why or how she vanished in the first place. What is certain is that a select handful of people — including so called reporter Joe Durwin — have bombarded me with hate-messages demanding that I remove any speculation about drug overdose or suicide. Of course, none of these people will even begin to tell how she died, as if it’s some kind of embarrassing secret. Are they ashamed of how Theresa died, or is there something else going on?”


Let’s recap shall we?

1) First, she wildly speculated on a news report the death of young girl whose body had been found thousands of miles away, whose cause of death is not known but was deemed unsuspicious- with a glaring headline and hack job blog that it must be drugs or suicide.

2) Second, she HECKLED a series of reasonable, well-worded comments from actual friends of the girl who said things like “no, you’ve got it all wrong, and please, please take this down, this is very upsetting to come across for family and friends”.  She made fun of them, insulted, them, “LOL’d” them while hiding behind cheesy freedom of speech arguments in defense of why she just HAD to post a lot of sensationalist speculation about a girl she’d never met on a very visible public site before the poor girl’s family has even buried her, purely for the hits it would garner her crappy low rent True Crime blog “career”.

3) Third, she seems to actually get off on being a horrible, mean-spirited person.


Well, after a little research – It seems Chelsea Hoffman does this.

She likes hurting people. 

Sampling of past infractions:

Chelsea Hoffman called another grieving family who complained about her news “coverage” “trailer park meth addicts” and said of their murdered teenage daughter:

Case to case

Elsewhere in her intrepid, free-speech-loving “reporting” Chelsea Hoffman called an accident victim “an idiot” a “Dumbass” and half a dozen other names, concluding:

“Again, I totally sympathize with his family and his kids and glad this guy is recovering, but wow, what a fucktard.”

Chelsea Hoffman has also been suspended from Gather  for repeatedly, endlessly failing to ever use the word “alleged” and “accused” in her horrible, pure conjecture, barely coherent, unnecessarily mean-spirited and hateful rants masquerading as “news” items.

CH 8

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It’s bad enough all the trolls out there hiding in the cracks.  But when someone masquerading as a journalist, who actually sometimes gets paid a few dollars, and has even been in HuffPost, is worse not only than the worst journalist but in the same league with the nastiest anonymous Trolls the web has to offer… that cries out for punishment.

Read the articles. READ THE COMMENTS SHE POSTS. If you are as offended as I was – DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

First post – CLICK HERE

Second post – CLICK HERE

First post – CLICK HERE

<Click on the Flag button at the bottom of the piece, and in the menu of reasons, click “False information.”  (There is no information, just rumor-mongering conjecture out of nowhere.  < Feel free to use this as a reason in the optional explanation box, or write your own.  Then click on the Report Abuse button to submit it.)

Also, feel free to repost, re-blog, re-investigate, and share, share this info like an STD. 

Her Facebook page (show some love!)

her main site:


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70 thoughts on “Chelsea Hoffman: Heartless Troll masquerading as journalist

  1. A brave and brilliant post Catriona, I will be looking at your links later! It is really important to speak out against such lazy and hateful reporting! You do so with great passion.

  2. Thank you for bringing light to such stupidity in some “reporters” and emphasise the importance of validity in the sources of information we are exposed to.

    I hope you’re not to angry at this Chelsea though. Pity would be a more appropriate emotion. She does harm to herself more than she is hurting others.

  3. John Migueis says:

    i never want to piss you off.


  4. Wow. That’s pretty disgusting.

  5. Phil Taylor says:

    You are awesome. I love your vitriol towards a woman who obviously deserves it. In time she will prove to have been her own worst enemy when no self-respecting publication or website will return her calls or e-mails. She’s a hack.

  6. Gus Sanchez says:

    This sentence speaks volumes at the kind of person Chelsea Hoffman truly is: “I will strive to do better at making less mistakes.” Not, “I will strive at becoming a better, more objective journalist that doesn’t resort to shameless sensationalism.”

    She’s an over-opinionated fucktard with an high-speed Internet connection. Not a journalist. Big difference between the two.

    • That sentence stuck out to me as well. Sigh.

      I couldn’t have said it better myself, Gus. Agreed. I hope that you get a chance to visit Allvoices and read her post and comments, and report/flag her.

  7. Pesky Vrmt says:

    I’m just learning of this person. You have done an wonderful job gathering the data to take her down. ;)

  8. Phil Taylor says:

    Hey! WTH? You haven’t blogged in way too long! Hopefully it’s not for a bad reason. Hope you’re well and looking forward to your next post.

  9. Trisha Clarke says:

    This woman is psycho. I recently made a comment on her fb where she asked the media to stop calling Charles Manson a serial killer and murder. I objected in what I thought was a polite manner. She of course took it wrong and started to attack me. At that point I called her a media whore. Yeah I know 2 wrongs don’t make a right. She said I was a Tennessee drunk (i don’t drink) She called me leather face. I unfriended and blocked her and have been told she is still going on on her twitter account. She has said a lot of heartless things about missing people and their families. I think she is a cruel nasty individual.

    • Oh man, I’m really sorry she treated you that way. I’ve read pages and pages of her horrid comments. She doesn’t seem to care about anything/anyone but herself. She has got to be one of the most despicable individuals I have ever encountered. I’m glad you’ve blocked her, I wish the whole world could block her. Ugh.

  10. Why would she intentionally be such a bad person?

  11. naomi morrison says:

    Chelsea Hoffman makes an inordinate amount of grammar and syntax errors in everything she writes. She does not yet have the grammar skills of an average nine year old. Despite this, she claims to be a ‘writer’, when she is clearly simply someone with a personality disorder, seeking attention at whatever cost.

    She is bone lazy. Her ‘articles’ have no research to them, and she is fundamentally an ignorant, uneducated young woman. Only other ignorant, uneducated people will pay attention to her, because anyone with a brain immediately sees how profoundly stupid she is.

    That’s all fine, but the thing is that she’s also incredibly nasty. Ignorance and hatred make for a horrible combination, and that’s why she hurts other people. However, it is not crime, or journalism, or research, or curiosity, or anything along such lines that motivates Chelsea. Her major aim is to get attention – good or bad, and at any cost.

    Prior to the internet, people with such personality disorders would have no platform from which to write, unless they were also intelligent, and displayed writing skills. Chelsea displays a fairly low IQ and cannot write, but since it’s just ‘cyberspace’, she writes nonetheless.

    Take heart that her lack of talent, insight, sensitivity, education and intelligence will simply mean that she will continue writing to herself, and a mere handful of equally stupid, hatred readers, but even then, she has no real audience.

    The more Chelsea ‘self publishes’ and ‘self promotes’ on line, the more of a fool she looks. There is no way on earth that any professional journalism establishment would employ her. She doesn’t understand that if you’re going to write bitchy stuff, it needs to be very clever and much better than the ‘ordinary’ writing. But she doesn’t display any wit in her any of her writing, and she really is a sad and obviously disturbed person.

    I’ve seen several photos of Chelsea Hoffman and she looks as moronic as the garbage she writes. She won’t get anywhere, but it’s still disturbing to see this kind of no-talent loser make such hateful and hurtful comments on the internet. I am anti-censorship, but when it comes to people like Chelsea, they should be censored, because there is no basis for anything they write, and it’s often filled with offensive, trashy comments that have no style and serve no purpose- other than to hurt others.

    • Hey Naomi, I’m sorry for the delayed response. I have to say I couldn’t agree more with your comment. You’ve nailed it for sure. Its just too damn bad more people don’t see it this way. Sigh.

  12. I came across this article on my phone just now and had to get on my computer ASAP to respond. I just want to THANK YOU for this article. I read the articles Chelsea wrote about Theresa Burke (and other girls) weeks ago. I was SO upset and angry reading them. I could not believe the shit I was reading.
    Thank you for calling this heartless woman out.

  13. Reck Less says:

    It is difficult to believe somebody like Chelsea exists. I stumbled upon her while researchingthe heartbreaking case of Justina Pelletier. I reported her for deleting my comments which she claimed were “absuive/spam/ill-mannered & not contributing to the discussion. When I informed her I was taking screen caps of the comments which would disprove her accusations she stopped deleting me but she stated flatly that there was no arguing the matter as she had chosen her side and that was that.

    I understand any tool with an internet connection can pretty much say whatever they like. The problem here is that she touts herself as a professional whatever and tries to act as if what she is writing is factual.

    I will be making good use of your allvoices contact info. HP must not have garnered her enough money or publicity. Or perhaps they won’t let her post any longer. She has had nothing there in more than a year.

  14. Reck Less says:

    I’m trying to gather all of the people that have an issue with Hoffman in one place. A place where we can catalog her egregious comments, attacks and “reporting,” as well as coordinate efforts to try and curb her re-victimization of victims & their families.

    Please visit Chelsea Hoffman Sucks on fb.

  15. Dani Kekoa says:

    BINGO! Watch & Listen to Police Recording FBI Las Vegas Citizens Division Jan 16, 2014: “CHELSEA HOFFMAN” Criminal Fraud = ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART Serial Killer in Arvada, CO (25mins) =>

    Chelsea Hoffman: Case to Case is a CRIMINAL FRAUD. A fake page/ID like ‘Calling Mark Redwine’ used by a serial child-killer in CO to get off, frame people and to purposely mislead investigations of the crimes committed. There’s a violent sexual sadist & home-invading serial pedophile working as a “pro-life pastor” in Denver the cops & FBI refuse to talk to: Call 1-800-8-ENYART — ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART = 666 = DAXIS = SON OF SATAN = GUILTY CHILD-KILLER! – DOB 1-10-59 – SSN# 152-60-4382 – FBI# – 678532LA7
    For more info visit the websites Bob can’t do anything about:

  16. Dani Kekoa says:

    “HEARTLESS TROLL” is a gross understatement….The FBI knows “Chelsea Hoffman” is a CRIMINAL FRAUD. A fake ID used by a serial killer to get off from targeting victims and to purposely mislead investigations of the crimes committed.

    Listen to recording – NATIONAL CENTER for MISSING & EXPLOITED CHILDREN – Hotline Tip “Chelsea Hoffman” is a CRIMINAL FRAUD re: Dylan Redwine & Jessica Ridgeway on July 8, 2013 (25mins) =>

    Watch Chelsea Hoffman’s new video “Sins of the Sexual Sadist official book trailer” on YouTube (*WARNING! GRAPHIC VIOLENT SEXUAL CONTENT AGAINST WOMEN)


    There’s a violent sexual sadist & serial killer in Denver the cops & FBI refuse to talk to: Call 1-800-8-ENYART — ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART = 666 = DAXIS = SON OF SATAN = GUILTY CHILD-KILLER! – DOB 1-10-59 – SSN# 152-60-4382 – FBI# – 678532LA7
    > Got PROOF? =>
    Listen to hours of Police Recordings:

  17. concerned citizen indiana says:

    I actually stumbled across this looking for things in another case and could not believe what she had wrote about, the case I am researching. I also have seen her articles many times and I am not even sure how she calls herself a profiler or anything else she calls herself. I just read some of the vile and hate on her facebook page. I ran across this because I was hoping to find things that discredit her, because sadly to many people are believing the things she says. Her responses to people, are hateful and are not professional at all and I cannot believe that she makes money. I also ran across a gofundme page for her, trying to get people to donate to her so she can spend more time helping families of the missing. WOW just WOW. I would not believe anything she posts personally, but sadly people do. I am going to take the time to go back through your page here and read more, as I just found this about 15 minutes ago. I enjoyed this, so I am sure there is more I will enjoy.

  18. Dani Kekoa says:

    The heartless troll trying to frame victim’s families is Robert ADOLPH Enyart DOB 1-10-59. He’s king troll, been that way for a while. “Chelsea Hoffman” is his bitch. Trolling’s been his full time job since “pastor” Bob lost his Denver Bible Church after he was found out as JonBenet Ramsey’s killer just over a year ago. Have you noticed all of the news about JonBenet lately? Have you noticed the spike in crime?

    Bob Enyart is a con-man fraud in addition to being a TWICE CONVICTED CHILD ABUSER with a lengthy criminal history. Google “Bob Enyart” or “Bob Enyart arrest record.” Call Bob at 1-800-8-Enyart and ask him why his SSN 152-60-4382 has over 65,000 hits on a Google search….and why he can’t do anything about it. HINT: Enyart is a serial killer, and the police and the FBI have known about Enyart since October 2012, but they won’t go and talk to him for some reason. Listen to the proof, HOURS OF RECORDINGS with the cops:

    Enyart has an FBI# 678532LA7. Why won’t the cops and the FBI go and question the serial killer with the FBI#?

  19. I’m so thankful to have found your site. Chelsea Hoffman has found a new target in the family of a missing woman from our area – Heather Elvis. There are two people under suspicion in her disappearance and Chelsea has allowed their friends/family to post horrible comments about Heather’s family. Supporters of the Elvis family have their comments deleted rather quickly and are usually banned if they disagree with her. She is truly a horrible woman with no soul.

    Keep up the good work and please feel free to check out the Facebook page for Heather:

  20. Bradley Parker says:

    Chelsea is harassing a family of a missing girl in South Carolina, we need help here!

  21. I second Bradley Parker’s response up there. Chelsea is dirty, low and downright evil in some of the things she does and says and allows in essence to get herself some kind of fame over a missing child. She should be shut down!

  22. Charlene says:

    Speaking as a family member from one of the cases she covered, I cannot stand her. She is the worst, lowest form of human being and she did nothing but add more pain into an already painful situation. Someone needs to shut the bitch the fuck down, or at least make her withdraw all her sensationalized bullshit hypotheses she only comes up with so that people will visit her site.

  23. Annie says:

    join the anti chelsea pages on facebook, she needs to be stopped

    • The Maati (@SrTamale) says:

      We are right there with you…she is a slanderer. New wave rolling against this vile blogger.

  24. Irishpittbull007 says:

    To this Family! I understand your APOLEDNESS at this and your Anger/Hurt! But this woman Chesea THIS IS WHAT SHE WANTS! She said in that post..& I quote “I look forward to entertaining you all again soon”! She is one of these people who lives by the code: “Bad publicity is Good publicity” if she gets people to hate her and make rants…all the better for her! I heard her name in another case (people talking shit about her) and made me curious as to who she was…now I’m here! That’s what she wants….I CAN NOT IMAGIN how hard it would be to Ignore her &. Take away her ATTENTION…hell I don’t know if I could! BUT…if you can!! That is what will piss her off..& make her mad! It will take the power she THINKS she has! GOD bless you & your Family!

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  27. melodylapier says:

    She is a troll. She likes to stir things up and then sits back and enjoys the show.She has many aliases which she utilizes to troll FB pages of missing people and post her nasty, self serving comments. Then she accuses those that she has riled up of having a lynch mob mentality, when in actuality this is just the behavior that she its hoping for. I truly believe this woman is a psychopath She seems to thoroughly enjoy causing pain and anguish in others. Check out the Heather Elvis case. She has been her usual ugly self in the comments sections of FB pages,.tweets,.news articles and of course her own garbage filled blogs. Beware, if you post a comment calling her out, she will hound you with her putrid replies.

  28. Vito says:

    Greetings! Very helpful advice within this article! It is the little changes that make the greatest changes.

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

  29. I live in Myrtle Beach and have seen Ms. Hoffman’s work. Such a shame that there is nothing to be done to stop her. Well, there is that petition to remove her from All Voices.

    As a fellow writer, i am appalled at her tactics and feel sorry for any family that comes in contact with her.

  30. jay o says:

    I’ve read that idiots crap, I’m sorry to say. She’s a disgrace and a shit writer to boot. She has some “profiler degree” thing going on for 75$ or thereabouts, it’s pathetic.

    Love that this article is ahead of anything written by that misanthropic slug on search engines, very just.

  31. Joe Neuhaus says:

    I’ve read a lot of Chelsea’s work and I’m beginning to see a pattern; she tends to take the most controversial stance on a subject. A person died of natural causes? Maybe they ACTUALLY died of a heroine overdose. I was inclined to believe she was just an annoying Nancy Grace wannabe. But then I noticed how often she also comments on non-crime stuff.

    So let’s say she’s a profiler, just for the sake of argument. Fine. Why then does she post anything about how pro-choice she is? Why make a post which can only serve to offend people with Down’s syndrome and their families? Neither of these things fall under the umbrella of criminology that she feels qualified to comment on. Yet, they are all controversial topics.

    If you write well, you may get a few fans in this vast expanse of cyberspace. But if you write crap that pisses EVERYONE off, then you are going to attract much more traffic because people will love to hate you.

    She claims to be so smart, yet apparently was one of those people who was just too smart to go to (and finish) college. She even seems to be backing off of her claims to a B.S. From Ashworth (not that it is really worthy of bragging even if you DO finish a degree program at Ashworth). She claims a high IQ but never mentions which test she took (different tests have different scales). And her allegedly high IQ has her as a career swill peddler who likely washed out of a discount distance education program. Momma must be so proud.

    In truth, she is likely one of those people who feels she is so much smarter than people that she doesn’t need to subscribe to their notions of “achievement” such as having a career, money, professional respect or a formal education. However, though she publicly scorns them she really feels the need to lie her way through life because she secretly wants all of those status symbols she is incapable of earning.

    Her fame exists largely in her own mind. Her main achievements to date seem to be getting to post on Huffington Post and having crime Library post a mildly sympathetic entry about her. Other than that, she self publishes books that no one reads and offers training that likely very few sane people pay for.

    • The Maati (@SrTamale) says:

      Hate monger..professional victim…unprofessional. Writes without facts. Boring

    • dying says:

      “In truth, she is likely one of those people who feels she is so much smarter than people that she doesn’t need to subscribe to their notions of “achievement” such as having a career, money, professional respect or a formal education.”

      I truly think you’re giving her too much credit. I think she absolutely knows she’s useless, unintelligent, and overweight and I think she hates herself for it. Which is why her life is, like, a pathetic attempt at pretending like she’s a bigshot who isn’t self-conscious.

  32. Chelsea Hoffman recently challenged a young talented writer (Lisa Marie Basile @lisamariebasile) to a debate. Lisa had previously made the TERRIBLE mistake of writing an article on Feminism and Amanda Knox. She believes in her innocence. And just like every other person (no matter how big or how small) Lisa has now become a victim of serious hate among (trolls) “haters”–People who believe in guilt of Amanda and are seriously obsessed. They are also referred to as “guilters”. The hate from these people is astonishing, something that most people have truly never seen or experienced. So, logically Ms. Chelsea Hoffman, has joined them. By the time that Lisa was about to do this debate she had HAD it with unwarranted hate. Why so taunted? Because Lisa believed that Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were innocent. She ended up canceling the debate but was willing to have a video taped conversation with Chelsea because Lisa wanted to explain why she wasn’t willing to debate. As soon as I began watching I could see a mile away what this (seemingly polite and respectful) Chelsea girl was doing. They had a conversation where Lisa explains to Chelsea what happened to her as the result of her beliefs, on the internet as the result of writing an article..Chelsea sympathizes because she, too, has had so much “unwarranted” hate thrown her way. And as I suspected, in reality, Chelsea was simply manipulating Lisa. , I encourage you all to follow Lisa on twitter or check her out. She is very talented. I only wished I would have warned her that she would be far too normal and intelligent to be participating with someone like Chelsea. No one in their right MIND would debate her if they knew. I’m sure Lisa is seeing this now.. The dialog on twitter after the interview was just as one would imagine. She is friends with the very people who taunt Lisa. She retweets what they tweet. What happened to this gitl to where she ended up with this kind of life? I had no idea the extent of who she is. Wow is all I can say.

  33. Ash says:

    Her recent reporting on the case of a missing Norfolk girl, AJ Hadsell, is awful. She not only misses key information she immediately jumps to attack her commenters for calling her out on it. I wish there was a way to get her entire site shut down. She has no business ever being in the “journalism”, blogging, social media world. Clearly she needs her internet privledges revoked.

  34. melia says:

    She is a hot mess. And the minute you question her motives she blocks you and then calls you a troll. She claims to be a criminal profiler but has no degree?

  35. Bette says:

    And….she’s at it again in the Anjelica Hadsell case!! Seriously, does this woman have no conscience at al?

  36. Annette Pickles says:

    Thank you for exposing Hoffman’s shocking behavior. I wonder if Hoffman is mentally ill, actually.

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